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When you naturally have a healing aura,you attract a lot aof damaged people, and having them in your life could drain your energy to the max. A reminder that its not your job to heal everyone that you encounter,

You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care or yourself first.


Dıjle Koont
7625 Maple Lawn Blvd STE 155
7625 Maple Lawn Boulevard Fulton, Maryland
310 654 7171

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Temple of Light Spiritual Community Irvine, CA
11:00 - 04:00

Connection Between Body And Mind Seminar

How mind works, Primitive stage, Subconscious mind, Conscious mind, Defense mechanism. What does Body Syndromes mean: How we can understand what our body says, How to manifest.

Temple of Light OC
11:00 - 12:30

Healing Process For The Manifested Diseases Seminar

Healing is a sacred spiritual journey that offers so many beautiful lessons and opportunities to expand your consciousness.

Conference Building Downtown

How we can understand what our body says, How to manifest.

We hear this all the time: Listen to your body! We should follow how we feel, right? But what does this really mean? And how do we do it?

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