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'Our body knows when the truth is not honored and spoken. Conflicy and inbalance occurs when we use words to express ourselves that do not actually mean what we are saying and truly feeling. We literraly short-circute the electrical energy in our body, and the DNA BECOMES CONFUSED  because it is receiving garbled mesages.'

Karol Truman

Our bodies give us clues all the time about the issues we are carrying. For example, begin by noticing whether you are having problems on the right or left side of the body. The left side is the receptive, nurturing feminine side of the self, while the right side is the masculine, thrusting, outer- directed, worldly side. If there is a bias, that might indicate a rejection of either the masculine or feminine aspects within yourself. This might indicate a need for self-forgiveness/self-acceptance or the need to look at who might be pushing that button for you.

If you are carrying a disproportionate amount of weight around the hips, you might want to look at whether you are carrying significant guilt and shame, or a residual fear of sexual attack that has caused you to pack on the weight as a form of protection. Victims of sexual abuse often have this syndrome.

This model of how emotions are connected to body symptoms, advanced by hypnotherapist John Kappas, is very generalized but nevertheless useful as a general guide to what might be going on emotionally with someone who might be exhibiting certain symptoms in specific areas of the body.

Body syndromes are the physical manifestation of our emotions. Everything that we cannot say or mention shall affect our body. Our Body speaks to us through Body Language or body symptoms. The symptoms are releated to our life, experiences, conditions....