About Me

Dijle Koont

My Name is Dijle Koont,

I am Certified Reiki Practitioner and also Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a successful practice in Los Angeles, California. I specialized on Stop Smoking, Past Life Regression, Body Syndromes and Body Language, EFT, Weight Management, Increase Sport Performance, Immune disorders and Hand writing Analysis. I also provide seminars about EFT, Theory of Mind, Body Syndromes and Body Language I obtained 2 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees, one of them is from Isik University and the other one is from University of Sedona, Arizona.

I became fascinated with learning what our body can create and behave I realized that the body, the mind and heart of each person is unique and whole. When I came to this realization, I had already lost 70% of the health although finding the source of an issue is a skill set that can be guided and taught. I was guided and taught. Now, my goals for health and well being are unique, and yet each individual is expected to separate their health needs into the hands of many rather than first seeking something that is already within them.

Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.

My Life Journey

If you believe hard enough from your heart, it shall come to you... You ask you shall receive and it includes not only financial and also emotional manners as well.

Your health means business. When traditional medicine can't treat your needs, stop by the alternative medical practice at Long Beach's Dijle Koont. Get acquainted with alternative treatments at this clinic and find your perfect beauty service match. Come see why patients keep coming back to Dijle Koont when they are in need of medical assistance.

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